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Jennifer Moreale Ph.D. Finance.
Udine, Italy

The Problem Solver
Jennifer Moreale, a doctoral student in economics at West Virginia University, is an accomplished boxer. She started boxing less than a year ago, and the Italy native has already won a national title while at WVU. Her goal now: make it to the Olympics. 


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Jennifer grew up in Italy and found a second home in Morgantown, as she was able to find and pursue her passion of boxing. Oh yea, and she's our first female boxing national champion, too!

What is your career goal? University professor and professional boxer.

When I'm 50, I will be a finance professor at a university in the United States, a business owner and a former world champion boxer.

When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time? Ilove spending time outdoors enjoying some fresh air and the sun,  hanging out with my boyfriend or watching some good boxing videos and matches on YouTube.

What's your quote to live by? “Oh, the places you’ll go!” from Dr. Seuss.

Where is your favorite view in West Virginia? West Virginia is beautiful! I don’t think I have a favorite view in particular. I love the scenery and drive to Seneca Caverns, but every time I drive to a new place there is always a new view that catches my attention. However, in Morgantown there is a cool spot at the Core Arboretum. It feels like being in the woods far from everything else… I really like it.

Favorite Morgantown restaurant? When Maxwell’s was open it was definitely my favorite restaurant! Now I would say the best restaurant is Café Bacchus. But for a late-night meal… definitely Eat’n Park (even though it should be called Park’n Eat!).

Favorite movie? "UP."

Favorite song of all time? “I ragazzi sono in giro” by Luciano Ligabue.

Fictional character who is most like you? Not sure.

If you could only visit one more place on campus, where would you go? Get on the roof of the downtown library to overlook the city and the river.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? First thought is Hawaii. 

If you were to title your own autobiography, what would it be? Jennifer Moreale: They said it couldn’t be done, but she did it. 

What couldn’t you live without? Love and boxing.

Most valuable skill you have? I can relate well with people, and I’m strong. 

Person you’ve met during your time here who has had the biggest impact on you? John Mouser, my boyfriend and strength coach.

What about any hidden talents? I don’t think I have a hidden talent. Plus, why hide it?


Why did you choose to come to WVU? I first chose to come here for the economics Ph.D. program and for the boxing team.

Why is WVU special to you?

That’s where I found the love of my life.

What's the favorite class you've taken at WVU? Monetary economics. I found it extremely interesting and gave me the tools to look at the economic situation critically.

Who was your favorite professor?  Arabinda Basistha

What’s the most challenging course you took? My first Ph.D. course in economics just because it was different from undergrad level classes.

What class did you learn the most from? Monetary economics.

What's your most memorable moment at WVU? Every day is pretty important.

When I'm on campus, you can most likely find me in  my office or sitting on one of the benches outside the B&E. 

When you come to visit campus, you must visit  the Arboretum and take a ride on the PRT.

Where do you do your best studying? At home or on the top floor of the library near a window with view of the river.

What advice would you give for surviving finals? Please don’t study just the day before your exam!

What's your proudest accomplishment while at WVU? Passing my Ph.D. comprehensive exams and wining the national boxing title.

Best thing about college life? You don’t really have a boss, and success is up to you.

Worst thing about college life? You are constantly broke. Really, constantly.

How has WVU changed you? It helped me become and find my true self.

What do you look forward to most as an alum? The great memories, and hopefully a decent paycheck.

Has WVU had an impact on your passion? Absolutely. It allowed me to fully pursue boxing.

If you could do one thing differently in your time at WVU, what would it be? I would have enrolled in the finance Ph.D. from the beginning.

What will you miss most about WVU? West Virginia.

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