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Addie Schneid Elementary Education with a specialization in Special Education
Wheeling, West Virginia

The Beauty Queen
Addie Schneid, a sophomore elementary education major from Wheeling, is considered a kid at heart by all of her friends. So, it would make sense that before the end of her freshman year at West Virginia University she already had a children's book published. The book, titled "Shelly on the Seashore," is the story of a seashell that travels the world and finds a home. A geography class Schneid took and enjoyed in high school was the inspiration, and it all came to life while she was studying at WVU last year.


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Motivated to become a teacher just like her parents, Addie Schneid wrote and published her own children's book before the end of her freshman year at WVU.

What is your career goal? To be a teacher who has a positive impact on future generations.

When I'm 50, I will be a mother, an award winning author, an author of many books, a great teacher (hopefully).

When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?Talking to friends, reading or working out.

What's your quote to live by? Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Where is your favorite view in West Virginia? Dolly Sods.

Favorite Morgantown restaurant? Black Bear.

Favorite movie? "The Wedding Singer."

Favorite song of all time? "I Hope You Dance."

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where wouldyou go? Africa.

Person you’ve met during your time here who has had the biggest impact on you? Barbara Weirzbicki (education doctorate student/professor).

What about any hidden talents?​ Does patience with children count?


Why did you choose to come to WVU? The PROMISE scholarship. Then I realized how amazing this University really is.

Why is WVU special to you? This University has already helped me grow and develop as a person and a professional much more than I could have ever asked for. For example, Project ME helped me promote my book and opened up so many doors.

What's the favorite class you've taken at WVU? World regions, I love geography.

Who was your favorite professor? Barbara Weirzbicki.

What’s the most challenging course you took? Math 126.

What class did you learn the most from? English 102, the professor challenged me as a thinker.

What's your most memorable moment at WVU? Being on the homepage (thanks, Project ME).

When I'm on campus, you can most likely find me  at work or the gym.

When you come to visit campus, you must visit  Woodburn Circle or the Alumni Center.

Where do you do your best studying? My desk, it's my second home.

What advice would you give for surviving finals? Study as much as you can in advance and calm down.

What's your proudest accomplishment while at WVU? Writing my book and getting accepted to the education program.

Best thing about college life? Starting to live the life you want.

Worst thing about college life? Bills, rent and learning to cook.

How has WVU changed you? I’ve really noticed my full potential.

What will you miss most about WVU? The blue and gold pride. 

If you could do one thing differently in your time at WVU, what would it be?

Let myself have more fun, I can be too serious most of the time

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